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Learn how to make video creatives in CREOS
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Your works will be in demand on the market. The average cost of one video is $ 400. The speed of creation depends on your skills, practice and desire.
About the course
We will tell you how to create the best advertising creatives. We will show you convenient tools for working in After Effects and Photoshop.
We will tell you the main points on working with the customer and how the designer can improve the video creative.
Let's talk about how to independently come up with and create a top creative that will be a benchmark.
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700 $
Earn from
1 500 $
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Motion Design 2D
I had no experience. The training took me 3 months. Starting from the second month, I received tasks and wages ranged from $ 500-$700 per month on average. Then he moved from outsourcing to CREOS staff. Due to the fact that I received additional training from managers, they explained my mistakes to me, the work became more productive, in general, I began to earn more.
Motion Design 3D
I sat poking buttons in the after effects, then decided to do it more seriously. Paid training took me a month. I sketched out a couple of pseudo-gameplay animations and went to work for outsourcing. I earned $1,000 a month, depending on how many commercials I made. In parallel, I studied 3D. Now I'm already creating 3D videos and managing a team of 4 3D designers.
Motion Design 2D
My journey began a long time ago with children's animation on the YouTube channel. The level of knowledge of the programs was low, so I studied in parallel. He started working with outsourcing, and on average received $ 600- $700 in income. Now I already work in the state, my earnings are higher, I began to understand the "inner kitchen" more, I feel like part of the team. I'm working on the result.
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